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Beastmen Plan New Middle East Wars with Mini-Nukes


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Lyndon LaRouche, one of only two Democratic Party Presidential candidates certified by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) as qualified for federal matching funds, issued a strong warning today that the world is facing a major eruption of war in the Near East in the immediate weeks ahead, unless President Bush can be forced to intervene forcefully and publicly, to curb Israel’s breakaway ally regime under Ariel Sharon.


LaRouche warned that we have reached a strategic danger-point where, unless “Beast-man” Dick Cheney is dumped from the Bush Administration, and “Beast-man” Sharon is stopped, a new Middle East war is virtually certain, between now and some point in November, with the possible new horrific feature of Israeli use of nuclear weapons against targets inside the territory of Iran. Israel is bankrupt, and hopeless. Sharon is losing ground. Under these circumstances, the mad-dog faction in Israel could use nuclear weapons versus Iran.

LaRouche drew attention to the report, published in the October 12th, 2003 Los Angeles Times ("Israel Adds Subs to Its Atomic Ability,” by Douglas Frantz), that Israel now has deployed submarines, carrying nuclear-armed Harpoon missiles, able to strike Iran and other regional targets.

LaRouche further warned that the USA military has no capability for carrying out any further wars, so long as American forces are tied down in Iraq--unless the USA, too, were to resort to the use of nuclear weapons. Thus, if the current, planned Israeli war stunt is not stopped now, we also face the prospect - going into the pre-USA election Autumn of 2004 - of a desperate Cheney-led chickenhawk-dominated Bush Administration being tempted to use nuclear weapons against North Korea. At this moment, the neo-cons, in and around the Bush Administration, are pushing for Israel to use nuclear weapons to set the precedent for the later American use of mini-nukes against targets in North Korea. The controllers of this neo-con war-party apparatus need their Sharon asset to do the job, to set off this chain of events.

LaRouche concluded, a USA Presidential crackdown on Sharon is the only near-certain way to stop this Sharon war plan. The danger in the immediate period ahead is that Israel attacks Syria and then Iran, leading to a USA nuclear attack on North Korea just prior to the 2004 Presidential elections.

At the centre of this war drive, and the protection of Sharon, is Vice President Dick Cheney, who has recently revived the drive to attack Syria and Iran--through a Sharon-led Israeli surrogate war. A timeline of recent events highlights Cheney’s role in this mad effort to blow up the Near East:

LaRouche warned that Cheney is accountable for the Iraq fiasco. Cheney was the point-man for the war party faction. He is accountable for the fact that the USA military is at the breaking point. If President Bush and Secretary of State Powell fail to get 50,000 foreign troops into Iraq before year’s end, then the Pentagon will be forced to call up 100,000 more reservists and National Guardsmen for duty in Iraq, to rotate out the existing forces. The military hospitals are overflowing with casualties from the Iraq war. Some eyewitnesses describe it as a situation unseen in the United States since the Civil War. This is the hidden scandal of the ongoing Iraq war, a scandal that is too big to hide.

And Cheney’s partner-in-crime, LaRouche concluded, the real “Beast-meister,” George Shultz, is not only the Godfather of the neo-con team that seized control of the Bush Administration, before it even came into office. He is also the man behind the Arnold Schwarzenegger recall election atrocity in California.

Published Thursday, October 16th, 2003 - 07:47am GMT


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