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Capitalism and Trade

Countercurrents - cutting news and analysis on the fight against economic globalisation and cultural imperialism.

WTO Watch - The Trade Observatory on the World Trade Organisation, Globalization, Trade and Sustainable Development.

Global Exchange - dedicated to promoting environmental, political and social justice.

International Forum on Globalisation - exposing the effects of economic globalisation, and encouraging ideas and activities that revitalize economies and communities, thus ensuring long term ecological stability.

The Coming Global Oil Crisis - contributing to the debate about the timing and extent of the coming decline in oil extraction.

Journal of World Systems Research - dedicated to scholarly research on the growth and decline of the capitalist world system.

International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development - contributing to a better understanding of development and environment concerns in the context of international trade.

CorpWatch - working to counter corporate-led globalisation through education, network-building and activism.

Our World Is Not For Sale - committed to a sustainable, socially just, democratic and accountable multilateral trading system.

Global Issues - analysing global issues that affect everyone, and aiming to show how most of them are inter-related.

Multinational Monitor - tracking corporate activity, exposing the abuse of workers and the environment.

Who Owns You? - giving a greater understanding of the powers-that-be, and what they own.

Islamic Perspectives

Ummah News - offering original and accurate news and features about the Muslim world, without relying on western news services.

1924.org - believing that the Muslim world will be at the hands of decadant ideologies until it re-establishes the Khilafah, 1924.org articulates the case for Islam as an ideological alternative to capitalism.

Khilafah - information related to the situation of the Muslim world, its betrayal, and the failure of western civilization to solve the problems that it manifests.

Rehumanizing Quilt - because we might forget that they are human beings.

Muslim Heritage - seeking to raise awareness on the importance of Muslim heritage, and its mostly unaccounted contribution to current world civilisation.

Council on American-Islamic Relations - opposing the misrepresentation of Islam in the USA, and presenting an Islamic perspective on issues of importance to the American public.

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee - providing Arab Americans with a structure through which they may express and act upon their shared concerns.

Islamic Resistance Support Association - supporting resistance against the Israeli occupation of Lebanon and Palestine.

A Guide to Islam - for open-minded non-Muslims who would like to understand Islam

Stop the War Against Islam - providing authentic information about Islam, and campaigning for an end to anti-Islamic agression.

Occupied Palestine

International Solidarity Movement - a movement of activists working to raise awareness of the struggle for Palestinian freedom and an end to Israeli occupation.

Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People - developing mutual understanding, and activating people to work for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign - works to bring to the general public awareness of the human rights abuses committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Jews Against the Occupation - rejecting the Israeli government assertion that it is "necessary" to subjugate Palestinians for the sake of keeping Jews safe.

A Jewish Voice for Peace - seeking an end to Israeli occupation of Palestine, and an Israel of peace, democracy, human rights, and respect for international law.

Jewish Friends of Palestine - encouraging networking, interaction, and coordination, among those Jews working for an end to occupation of, and aggression against Palestinian land and people.

Indict Sharon - news on the campaign to bring Ariel Sharon and others to justice for the 1982 massacres in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps.

Divest From Israel - organising a campaign for comprehensive economic disinvestment and divestment from Israel.

Boycott Israeli Goods - providing the information you need to boycott companies supporting Israel.

Eye on Palestine - monitoring Israeli colonising activities in the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza.

Palestine Remembered - providing comprehensive information about the past and present dispossession and ethnic cleansing committed by Zionists against Palestinians.

Palestine Right to Return Coalition - thousands of grassroots activists and organizational representatives concerned for the right of return of Palestinian refugees.

Israeli Coalition Against House Demolitions - opposing and resisting the illegal expropriation of Palestinian land by Israelis.

Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace - working to bring about a peace in the Middle East that respects the human rights of all its inhabitants.

Report on Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories - a bimonthly guide to the continuing expansion of Israeli settlements throughout occupied Palestine.

Association of Forty - the association for the recognition of unrecognised Arab villages in Israel, and for the human rights of their inhabitants.

War Against "Terror"

Bill of Rights Defence Committee - supporting the repeal of Government Acts and Orders that infringe on the rights of USA citizens.

Reclaim Democracy - restoring democratic authority over corporations, reviving democracy, and revoking the power of money and corporations.

Project on Government Secrecy - working to challenge excessive government secrecy, and to promote public oversight.

Repeal the Patriot Act - The national campaign to repeal the Patriot Act

Jihad Unspun - an open information source dedicated to understanding the issues behind the USA war on "terrorism", without influence of any government, corporation, or association.

Disinfopedia - a collaborative project to produce an encyclopaedia of propaganda.

Orwell Today - comparing the world George Orwell described in the book, "1984" with the world we are living in today.

Total Information Awareness Resource Centre - information and action regarding the Bush Administration's "Total Information Awareness Program".

American Civil Liberties Union - working to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

Centre for Constitutional Rights - seeking to protect and advance the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Project on Government Oversight - investigating abuses of power, mismanagement, and subservience by the USA government to powerful special interests.

Patriot Watch - providing the latest articles and news to educate and inform the USA public about the threats to freedom from Patriot Acts I and II.

People For the American Way - vital information for policymakers, scholars and activists nationwide on the religious right movement and its political allies.

Anti-Sheep - a collection of political articles, essays, and animations dedicated to exposing corporate dominance over the people of the USA.

Un-Answered Questions - a community of concerned citizens, researchers, independent investigators, and journalists exploring unanswered questions about the reasons for the war on terrorism.

CampX-Ray.org - providing information on Camp X-Ray, and to urge Americans to preserve freedom and democracy by keeping an eye on how their government treats its enemies.

Political Research Associates - studying antidemocratic, authoritarian, and other oppressive movements, institutions, and trends.

The Debate - Is the War on Terror influenced by oil or financial motives, rather than simply national security issues?

War Against Iraq

Occupation Watch - monitoring, reporting, and resisting the military occupation and foreign business exploitation of Iraq.

Electronic Iraq - offering a humanitarian perspective on the USA occupation and war against Iraq.

Iraq Action Coalition - a resource centre for groups and activists who are working to end the war against Iraq.

Veterans For Peace - proven USA patriots dedicated to ending their government's aggression against the Iraqi people.

Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation - a coalition of Iraqis campaigning to end the illegal military occupation, and working to build a free, democratic and united Iraq.

Iraq: The Aftermath - news and analysis about the occupation of Iraq from an Islamic perspective.

Depleted Uranium Education Project - providing research and action reports on the campaign to ban the military use of depleted uranium.

National Gulf War Resource Centre - providing a resource for information, support, and referrals for all those concerned with the Persian Gulf War issues.

Campaign Against Depleted Uranium - focussing on the campaign for a global ban on the manufacture, testing, and use of depleted uranium weapons.

USA Bombing Watch - a non-heirarchical organisation of USA citizens committed to documenting the agression by their government against the people of Iraq.

No Blood For Oil - dedicated to civil disobedience and resistance, direct and mass action, to counter the U.S. war economy and the new American imperialism.

Voices in the Wilderness- non-violently resisting the roots of war, and campaigning to end economic and military warfare against the Iraqi people.

National Network to End the War Against Iraq - a USA coalition of over 140 organizations united to work for an end to the war being waged against the people of Iraq.

Veterans Against Iraq War - a coalition of USA veterans who oppose war - encouraging discussion, development, and dissemination of ideas that will free humanity from the fear of war.

War Profiteers - exposing some of the real war criminals in the USA's so-called "War of Terror".

War Widows International Peace Alliance - building bridges between widows of war, in an attempt to end armed conflict.

Crimes of War Project - a collaboration of journalists, lawyers and scholars dedicated to raising public awareness of the laws of war and their application to situations of conflict.

General News and Analysis

Znet - a huge resource, offering news, in-depth analysis, learning resources, graphics, multimedia, and interactive content on almost everything connected with the movement for social justice and sustainable development.

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting - works to support individual and press freedom in the USA, scrutinizing media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints.

Electronic Intifada - an online gateway to information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It publishes reference material, commentary and analyses, news, and journals in its subject field.

Electronic Iraq - launched in association with Voices in the Wilderness, it is intended to offer a humanitarian perspective, through a range of reporting methods, on the war against, and occupation of, Iraq.

Global Aware - a cooperative of writers, academics, and journalists, committed to providing responsible information about the environment and our collective social development.

Media Transparency - dedicated to news, opinion, analysis and investigative data related to links between conservative groups and the organizations and people which they fund, and their influence in the media.

Asia Times - Major daily online newspaper. Mostly mainstream news, but frequently has some excellent articles.

Yellow Times - offers unconventional viewpoints from which to observe current global events, and to encourage new thinking about the causes and effects of those events.

Truth Out - critical news and commentary on world events from a totally independent source.

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