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Palestinian Prisoners Brave On

Genevieve Cora Fraser
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Handcuffed, broken bones

Visible led to the court

To confront an Israeli judge

In support of brutal beatings

By prison wardens

He was just

Another Palestinian prisoner


One of thousands his story

Just another story shot at

As he squirmed face down

On the ground beaten

Bloody his hand broken

Repeatedly slammed

In a sadistic frenzy by Israeli

Jailors driven by his screams

80 days in Solitary

Confined to his thoughts

Followed by day break

To sunset interrogations

His hands and feet

Cuffed to the chair

Punched in the head and groin

The chair

Was shaken violently

As he screamed in agony

Hung from two doors

Swung open

To stretch him

Inquisition style

A Medieval torture

Rack could not be

More barbaric and cruel

But oh so ZioNazi

Brilliant in its


Ahmad Daraghmeh stands

Accused his frail face

And bony body broken

His crime - being born

A Palestinian caught

Resisting the daily

Torment inflicted

Endlessly by Israeli



Fast for Ahmad

And the Palestinian

Prisoners Children

Mothers Fathers

Held by Israel

For further torture

Fast in solidarity

With the prisoners

Experience if only

For a day or two

The hunger induced

In Israeli prison cells

And the Concentration

Camp existence Israel

Has relegated

The People Native

To the Holy Land

To a Purgatorial

Existence close

To the Gates of Hell

Flung open wide

By Israel-Zionist Forces

Determined to push

The Palestinians in

In addition to being a poet, playwright and journalist, Genevieve Cora Fraser is an environmental and human rights activist of long-standing
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