This Wall Must Fall

Call for Action & Provisional Calendar of Activities

On November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall - which truly epitomized the Cold War in Europe and, therefore, became the symbol of shame of the politics of division of the 20th century - was torn down. Now, a new wall must fall!


Let’s make the coming 9th of November a worldwide Protest Day against the new ‘Berlin’ Wall currently being erected by Israel across the West Bank.

Such construction, now commonly known as Separation Wall or Apartheid Wall has become Israel’s new stranglehold of Palestine and the latest assault by the Occupation: land confiscation, water confiscation, destruction of lives and livelihoods of Palestinians, all in a new drive to expand truly colonialist measures under the usual pretenses in order to achieve long-standing goals in a frightening fashion similar of 1948’s events.

Join those who share a belief that the absurdity of this medieval concept must soon succumb. The Palestine Monitor and the GIPP - Grass Roots International protection for Palestinian People movement - urge you to participate in this effort by organizing pickets, demonstrations, lectures, and related activities to raise awareness in your community about the impact and meaning of this new wall.

We are urging people to come up with anything they think they can do in their own communities. It could be: pickets, demonstrations, vigils, lectures/conferences/debates, artistic events/fairs/festivals/theatric performances, convoys or marches, and/or any related activities to raise awareness in your community about the impact and meaning of this new wall.


Some people who live in administrative capitals are choosing to demonstrate in front of Israeli Embassies, other are choosing to stage demos on public squares, others in community centers, churches, etc. It all depends on the expertise of those who are sponsoring the events (some events will be very loosely organized, some more formally thought through). Some are thinking about media advanced work. Some plan to erect a paper or plastic walls across roads or parks and then make the wall fall. Some are printing leaflets. Some are organizing boots and stands with info about the humanitarian impact of the wall (which can be easily downloaded from many websites). So, whatever you might propose must come out of your perceived capabilities.

The ones who know better a community are the ones who live in it, so what works for a place may not be as productive for other setting or environment.

So people at various places can come up with the best solution about what could mobilize their peers, their communities, their media outlets, etc. Any good idea or effort are welcomed, so we invite you to invite others to debate, share ideas and think of what would work for your community.

After you had sorted out what you want to carry on, we would appreciate if you could let us know about more specific details: description of planned activities, meeting points, schedules, people to contact and their contact details, etc. This is because we want to post a list of everything that will be going on everywhere at our website, so people can look for what will be going on in their own places and then join the activities!!!

Provisional list of activities on the initiative for a global demonstration on November 9th against the Israeli Apartheid Wall:

In Italy

Action for Peace Coalition in Italy already started the campaign against the wall and are planning activities for the 9th of November. They are now trying to enlarge the group of organizers.

Contact: Alessandra Mecozzi -

Youth organizations who are already active organizing meetings and having direct experience in Israel and Palestine are also planning activities to be held across the country.

Contact: Alda Radaelli -

In the UK

Middle East Children’s Alliance along with Voices in the Wilderness, Al-Awda and Affiliates of ISM have launched a national bus tour calling for the end to the Occupation of Palestine and Iraq. Part of the travelling infomation will be a replica of the Wall that our office built, as well as facts and info from PENGON . Wherever the Bus is on November 9, it will have an action specifically oriented to the Wall and its implications.

Soon to follow more info on the Wheels of Justice Tour and the Wall actions.

Contact: Uda Walker -

London: A possible action/demonstration in front of the Israeli Embassy Details to follow.

Other activities also under consideration.

Contact: The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign -

In the USA

Los Angeles: - “Women In Black”, together with Palestine Aid Society, are organizing a huge demonstration for November 9th. They are hoping to erect a large wall at Venice or Santa Monica beach, with lots of publicity and many other groups and individuals joining.

Contact: Women in Black -

Events are being planned for Iowa City, and they hope on a much broader basis across the country.

Contact: Margaret Kiekhaefer -

In Germany

Under discussion, an international conference to be held in Berlin. Also, organizations from neighboring countries started considering a trip towards Berlin, raising awareness along the way.

In Norway

The Nablus Society, an NGO from the city of Stavanger in Norway (which has twinned with the city of Nablus), is currently planning for activities on November 9th. They want to have a demonstration with music, theater and information.

Contact: Turid ?ygard -

In the Netherlands

Activities are in the process of being organized.

Contact: Hajo G. Meyer -

Following some requests from Jewish groups that another anniversary should also be brought to the fore: Kristallnatch, the “Night of Broken Glass” November 9th 1938. Mr. Hajo Meyer declared: “I speak as one of the few people still living and active, who, - as a fourteen year old lived through the 9th November pogrom in Germany, and who also - survived 10 months of Auschwitz and who also - survived for full 12 years the worst antisemitim ever, and I feel justified to comment. There cannot be a better day to demonstrate under the devise ‘let the wall fall’ than precisely the 9th of November”.

Only this date and Jewish participation at the demonstrations can make clear to the world that we are matured, wise and ethically- sane enough to realise that we, the Jews are not the only and eternal victim. That also we have become perpetrators of terrible crimes against humanity. Only if we show this to the world, all those who did not survive, have not died in vain. Only then their death can be given a positive meaning.

That is what the German Jewish philosopher Theodor Lessing, who was already murdered by the Nazis in the early thirties, meant when he coined the phrase: “Sinngebung des Sinnlosen” i.e. attributing sense and meaning to events which do not have any intrinsic sense.”

In Switzerland

An Association working for Palestinian Rights in the Lausanee area is discussing a series of activities.

Contact: Tatiana Honegger -

Across Europe

European Jews for a Just Peace - EJJP, have manifested interest in organizing activities.

Contact: Sveva Haertter -

In Bahrain

A new Bahraini society called Women for Jerusalem is working to organize a lot of activities on Nov 9th in Bahrain.

Contact: Naela Al Waary -

So far, manifestations of interest have been made in Prague, Czech Republic, from Vienna, Austria, and from Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Please, let the editor know about any planned activity.

Published Saturday, November 1st, 2003 - 01:15pm GMT

For more information about the events, visit the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy.

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Call for Action & Provisional Calendar of Activities

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