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The 'Rape of Iraq' Acquires a New Meaning

Jihad UnSpun

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The Arabic ideology could safely be summed up in one word: honour. Honour to Arabs, however, bear a very specific significance. Honour is a word that is attached to the land and chastity of women. It is the Arabic version of nobility. Trespassing on Arabian honour is the biggest sin there is to commit, be that in the name of liberation or worse still, occupation. As an Arab writer, reporting on the rape of the looted Arab honour of Muslim women is a major decision I had to make against the ethics of my culture and the morality of my society. Yet, I had to do it; someone had to do it. And here I register my very honest apology for publishing this report that opens wounds of many Arab families in Iraq and hurts the pride of the Arab nation, confirming that if we all keep our mouths shut, the illegitimate American occupation will feel free to lie to its teeth, even more.

This photo, obtained by Jihad UnSpun, shows one instance of four thousand cases of alleged rape against Iraqi women by USA soldiers since the occupation began.

This photo, obtained by Jihad UnSpun, shows one instance of four thousand cases of alleged rape against Iraqi women by USA soldiers since the occupation began.

Claiming to liberate Iraqis from its tyrant ruler, Mr. Bush Jr. packed troops and digital missiles in an adventure to conquer the proud Arab leader and teach him a lesson, after promoting Saddam as the evil of all ages. Winning the war against the far-and- away country could only be accomplished by recruiting traitors through very generous bribes. Entering Baghdad cost the US a whopping $25,000,000 delivered into a single hand to keep the army at home. Not the genius of the American Intelligence, nor the superiority of the American war machine; it was the green notes supplied by the American taxpayers and the blackmailed Sheikhs of the gulf that were the real heroes!

After the deliberate destruction of the infrastructure, cutting power and water supply, seizing people, crushing the gates of the Central Bank in Iraq and throwing Iraqi Dinars in the Streets , and looting the Museum of Baghdad with its 5000 years-old artefacts, the American genius of technological civilisation and economical globalisation went on to dismantle the Iraqi army, open presidential palaces for muddy combat boots to foul the sheets of the presidential bed, tartar-like. The dishonourable murder of the president?s sons was not even the finale of that barbaric aggression. Iraqi citizens are tortured, arrested and physically raped by the American troops. Their revelling in the act of sexual torture was documented by the American mercenaries themselves. An American Muslim sent the pictures to Arabia. Claims that the pictures are not authentic or that rapes are not the order of the day for occupied Iraq is no different from the claim that Saddam was a threat to the US for possessing WMDs. The rape of Iraq was on top of the American agenda since Bush Sr. ; and today, his son lives to finalize the map of de-civilisation.

As Dr Susan Blocks put it in her article: The Rape of Iraq, published 15th April 2003, before she even learnt of the sexual rape of Iraq : “At the moment, there is not a functioning hospital in Baghdad. The Iraqi Antiquities Museum has been cleaned out of 5000-year-old priceless antiquities, most stolen, some smashed to pieces in the fury of “liberation.”. This is not just Iraq’s heritage that the illegal Anglo-American rape of Iraq has destroyed; this is the heritage of the Western world, the archaeological legacy of the Cradle of Civilization, the land of Abraham and Sarah, the ancient Sumerians and the legendary Garden of Eden. Marines guard the oil fields and even, brazenly, the Oil Ministry, leaving the hospitals, museums and the shops of hard-working Iraqis to the looters. What Block noted, probably by sheer guesswork, is that the occupation of Iraq by the American mercenaries was ?rape? to Arabs ? the gravest sin against Arab honour.

The rape of Iraq - civilisation, history, economy, homeland and future is crowned now by a shameful record of sexual torture of 4000 reported cases of rape of Muslim women in traditional Arab dress. Peasant women in their black gelabas and in their forties and fifties are forced to perform fellatio on members of uniformed cowboys under the gun. Group rapes and military orgies became the order of the day. Women are pulled out of their homes by the hair across the desert sands to host the liberating troops between their legs. Keep cheering victory!

As the Socialist web explains: “One month after the fall of Baghdad to the US military, the real reasons for the Bush administration?s illegal war against Iraq are coming clearly into focus. Behind Washington?s rhetoric about “liberation” and “democracy,” America?s financial oligarchy is preparing to enrich itself through the outright theft of an entire nation?s wealth”. And what is surprising if a country that is congratulating itself daily on the philanthropy of its dream, sees nothing wrong in waging wars against countries on all continents of the globe ? nothing wrong in naming Bin-Laden a worker of freedom one day for driving the Russians out of Afghanistan, then calling him the most wanted a few years later for being behind the WTC bombing without producing evidences past fake video tapes?

When the Iraqi daily newspaper, As-Saah, reported on the rape of two teenager girls, aged 14 and 15, who were talking to American soldiers in Suwaira, 180km south of Baghdad, one day when the soldiers suggested they accompany them to their camp to take pictures but then collectively raped the pair, the US Central Command had the guts to comment: “Absolutely false!” That was reported on the 9th June 2003.

The US Central Command confirmed that they “take any claim of this nature extremely seriously, have looked into the allegations and found nothing whatsoever to substantiate the accusations, including checking local hospital records,” it said. But while the US Central Command blatantly remarked that “the As-Saah newspaper clearly and blatantly abused its recently attained freedom to report responsibly to the Iraqi people,” the series of more shocking rapes continue in the face of the American lies.

On the 18th July, Awakened Women reported the case of Sanariya, a 9 year old who was raped two months earlier by the American Mercenaries. Sanariya receives daily beatings from her father and four brothers. The concept of honour in Arabian lands stands in the way of seeking reportage. And as the Awakened Women added: “For most Iraqi victims of abduction and rape, getting medical and police assistance is a humiliating process. Deeply traditional notions of honour foster a sense of shame so strong that many families offer no consolation or support for victims, only blame.”

Girls are not going to schools; women are not reporting to work. Beyda Jafar Sadiq, 17, made the simple decision to go to school on the morning of May 22nd and never returned. Her family has been looking for her ever since. They have appealed to every international nongovernmental organization, the Iraqi police and the American authorities. Her eldest brother, Feras, 29, has crisscrossed the country, visiting the morgue in Basra in the south, travelling to Amara and Nasiriya on reports from acquaintances that they saw a girl who looked like Beyda. In most cases, the shame of being raped is either treated by murder of the victims or claiming accidents. The Arabic tradition is to kill women who lose their honour. Accordingly, male relatives receive a sympathetic sentence of six months in jail. Awakened Women goes on to state: “Dr. Younis said she had seen more rape cases in the months after the war than before.” Yet even when women come to the hospital with injuries that are consistent with rape, they often insist something else happened. “A 60-year-old woman asserted that she had been hit by a car. The mother of a 6-year-old girl begged the doctor to write a report saying that her daughter’s hymen had been ruptured because she fell on a sharp object, a common lie families tell in the case of rape,” Dr. Younis said.

On the arrest of Iraqi men at their abodes, the wives and sisters are taken hostages by American soldiers to the open desert. In most cases, children had to witness their mothers and grandmothers being beaten and ravished out of their homes by the Americans. Once a woman is taken to the desert near the camp, the soldiers ingeniously devise ways of sexual humiliation of Muslim women that range from performing group fellatios to having orgies with the cowboys in uniform. Despite the shame surrounding the events of rapes, where the youngest victim was 9 years old and the oldest was 64, four thousand cases of rapes were involuntarily exposed. In return, a series of rapes on the American troops started five weeks ago, where Iraqi citizens kidnapped and raped boys in combat before killing them. Blind to the fact that many soldiers are actually homosexual, Iraqis persist on deflowering the chastity of all Americans. The fact that no rape by the British troops has yet been reported poses the question : “Now, do we all know who the Americans are and what they had wanted from Iraq?”

Published Monday, October 20th, 2003 - 08:26am GMT

Jihad UnSpun

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