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Fifteen Districts Under Taliban Control - UN Pulls Aid Workers

Zafir Jamaal

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The United Nations has terminated its aids activities in 4 southern provinces of Afghanistan due to the security situation and has acknowledged that the Taliban now control many districts in the southern provinces of Afghanistan.

According to reports from Daily Ausaf, the spokesman for the ISAF told the security counsel that due to the constant attacks on UN and NGO workers, the aid work in the southern provinces was being halted. He also said that Taliban have consolidated their power on the districts bordering Pakistan and that they are ruling those districts with impunity.

Fifteen districts are so far under complete control of Taliban and due to the fear of the Taliban?s increasing attacks, the UN offices in Nemroz, Helmand, Ourizgan and Zabol have been closed. Germany has approved up to 450 soldiers for deployment to the city of Kundez, but no other country so far has wanted to risk casualties by venturing outside of the safety of Kabul.

The UN also said that the attacks from Taliban are hindering efforts to pacify the country and have also blamed warlords and their private militias for causing more damage to the peace of the country by infighting and employing ‘terror’ in an effort to subdue the population.

Meanwhile, the Taliban have issued more pamphlets calling on Afghans to intensify jihad against the USA and allied forces under the leadership of the Taliban?s Commander of the Faithful Mullah Mohammad Omar, the Afghan Islamic Press reported.

The pamphlets also warned the Laghman administration of serious consequences if it did not stop a campaign against religious leaders and the Taliban, and if it continued supporting the USA-led administration.

Taliban Mujahideen fired rockets a school used as a USA base in the south-eastern Afghan province of Khost, the second such attack in less than a week in the area, officials said. Two classrooms of the school were completely razed by the explosion on Saturday night, according to Kheyal Baaz Khan, military commander of Khost.

Published Tuesday, October 28th, 2003 - 12:38pm GMT

Article courtesy of JihadUnspun

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