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As part of the international activities that would be held to celebrate the 13th anniversary for the tearing down of Berlin Wall, which has separated Eastern Berlin from Western Berlin for decades, millions of participants will participate in demonstrations and activities dedicated against the Israeli construction of its Apartheid Wall cutting off the Palestinian territories.
Two girls negotiate a low-point in the section of the Apartheid Wall near Abu Dis, in order to get to school on the other side.
Prior to the grand festivities around the world, several Israeli peace blocks and human rights organizations will hold demonstrations and protestations Saturday in several Israeli cities against the construction of the wall around and inside the West Bank territories, Arab48 website reported.

Several informed European sources said that this year’s festivities will be dedicated to the last separating barrier in the world: the Apartheid Wall. They added that the participants would demand the removal of all forms of barriers between nations and human beings, and that there would be large demonstrations to protest the wall Israel has been building around (and inside) the Palestinian territories in West Bank and East Jerusalem.

As well, many other demonstrations will be held concurrently in several major cities in the United States, including New York, Washington, Boston and San Francisco. Other demonstrations will also be held in several countries, like England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Canada and Brazil.

On its part, the “National Committee for Confronting the Apartheid Wall” in Jenin has marked the ninth of November, which coincides with the destruction of the Berlin Wall, as the national day to remonstrate against the Apartheid wall, inside and outside of Palestine.

The committee has approved several activities that would start on the eighth of this month and continue to the fifteenth, where they intended to organize demonstrations near the wall; the campaigners will raise the awareness of the local population about the dangers of the wall and its racist goals.

The organizers said that the first of these activities would start on the eighth in the village of Al Aqaba, where 14 eviction orders were handed out by the occupying authorities to tear down several buildings and houses there for the sake of the constructing the eastern wall, which Israel started building in the Jordan Valley area and will completely isolate Al Aqaba from the outside world.

They also pointed out that the occupying forces has handed eviction orders to a number of Palestinian farmers in the villages of Bardala, Kardala and Ein Al Baida, in which they must move out from their homes, greenhouses and other establishments within a week for constructing the Apartheid wall.

The Israeli government has approved a budget of $1.3 billion for the construction of such wall in its different phases, which has taken by the end of last August up to 165,000 dunums (165,000,000 square meters) of the richest lands in the Palestinian territories.

Published Saturday, November 8th, 2003 - 08:00am GMT

For more information on how you can get involved in tomorrow’s world-wide activism against the Apartheid Wall, visit the Stop the Wall Campaign

Article courtesy of the Palestine-based International Press Centre

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