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As two young Iraqi sisters gathered wood in a field, American soldiers shot Fatima and Azra, ages 15 and 12, shot dead for their efforts on Thanksgiving Day. They were simply murdered for gathering sticks and for being in their own country, nothing more than a couple of sand niggers, but its ok, you see, George Bush made it all better by making a surprise visit to the troops in Baghdad on the same Thanksgiving Day, all be it for a couple of hours within the strict confines of Baghdad airport. The visit was to boost morale for the Bush clan?s centurions in the field, so they can continue to shoot unarmed Iraqi children and establish vindication and glory for their commander-and-chief. It is the American and patriotic thing to do.

While the world sleeps, the nightmare of occupation is turning into a personal Apocalypse for innocent Iraqis on a daily basis.

While the world sleeps, the nightmare of occupation is turning into a personal Apocalypse for innocent Iraqis on a daily basis.

We can now forget the gruesome details of two American soldiers shot dead in Mosul and their dead bloodied bodies dragged out of their destroyed vehicle and pummelled with concrete blocks by contemptuous Iraqis. George Bush has made it all better by reminding us how the sacrificed lives by these dead soldiers will guarantee that your future will be one of freedom and safety. After all, freedom is never free. We must not forget that the Iraqis presented to us an absolute danger to our aforementioned freedoms and security, and that their three-week resistance to the invasion was further proof of the imminent threat they posed to us.

We must also forget all those disappearing weapons of mass destruction, and favourably conclude that the also disappearing tyrant Saddam must have hid his favourite weapons very well. We must forget that it was all a blood libel, murderous sophistries, in which the Bush clan continues to propagate to this day. They say that their fallacious war on an ideology has entered a new stage, that Iraq has become the central front in their unending war on terrorism. We must forget that George Bush?s own generals on the ground in Iraq point to a home-grown insurgency. We must not forget however, that Iraqis shooting their occupiers is a terrorist act, and that soldiers from the coalition of the few are not terrorists when they shoot unarmed girls who are gathering sticks in a field.

We must forget that the Bush clan?s own use of weapons of mass destruction ,(classified as such by the U.N.) in Depleted Uranium (DU) armament, is killing his own centurions and making the natives sick and dead. George Bush has made it all better by creating the conditions for the Iraqis to have the freedom to die slow poisonous deaths. George Bush declared that he would not allow thugs and terrorists to drive him out of Iraq until he is ready; he is going to stay the course. We must not forget however, that according to the Bush clan its going to be a long deadly process because most Iraqis are uncivilized thugs and natural terrorists, so it is ok to shoot the rag heads when their in a field gathering sticks, its nothing more than kinetic energy. There have been now 10,000 American casualties in Iraq as reported by the DoD, and up to 55,000 Iraqi dead.

Americans and the world must also forget that the international norms of conduct between sovereign nation states for the last three hundred years, especially since post-WWII and the Nuremburg proclamations, has been superimposed by a New American Century in violent plunder. Pre-emption and the right to attack any country because it is the right thing to do according to the enlightened few is now the established American policy of aggressive self-defence. We must also learn to disregard as abnormal the fundamental criminal incongruity in the policy of pre-emption when it is in legal contradiction to both constitutional and international law. We must forget when James Madison declared that ? “In no part of the constitution is more wisdom to be found than in the clause which confides the question of war and peace to the legislature, and not the executive branch.”

We must forget that the Bush Clan?s policy of pre-emption brings about the conditions and dangers that they say they are trying to prevent. Aggressive criminal war based entirely on lies and fabrications by the Bush administration has created more dangers to the United States not less. It has alienated the United States with much of the world, and nations that feel threatened by the Bush policy of pre-emption have found that the new geo-strategic reality established by the invasion of Iraq has required them to pursue a nuclear capability as soon as possible.

We must forget that the Bush clan?s Christian Jihad is different from the Moslem variant because in the end of things according to George Bush, both Christians and Moslems serve the same God. Makes sense, does it not? We must forget that the Bush administration was warned by its own intelligence apparatus that terrorism would increase against Americans if the United States invaded Iraq not decrease it. Still, knowing this the Bush clan invaded, and the casualties continue to mount, but George Bush made it all better by creating the conditions and allowing the bovines he sent over to Iraq to murder two Iraqi sisters who were in a field gathering sticks on Thanksgiving Day.

Published Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003 - 10:37am GMT

Article courtesy of Etherzone

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