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Tensions Have Sharply Increased in Chechnya

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Tensions have sharply increased in Chechnya over the past few days. The situation is so complicated that the invaders? command is forced to admit that the activities of Chechen Armed Forces are threatening to develop into large-scale war operations.


For fear of unexpected strikes from Chechen saboteurs, the invaders? command has imposed a ban on the movement of trucks in Jokhar [Grozny] and in other areas of the country. Restrictions have also been imposed on the movement of vehicles near so-called “polling stations”. Only special passes allow people to park their cars near “polling stations”.

Russian warplanes have sharply intensified their activities as well. Residents of Chechnya report that almost every day the invaders? warplanes are bombing the country’s mountain areas. As a rule, the warplanes scramble for their missions at night. And they are using daylight for air reconnaissance missions. An AWACS-type of ?air lab? (Airborne Warnings And Control Systems) is flying over the Republic day and night virtually without a break.

The invaders? troops are on high alert. All puppet structures have been put on permanent alert as well. Entire units of puppet structures and regular troops have been attached to every so-called “polling station”.

However, in spite of all these measures being taken, the invaders? command is unable to keep the situation under control. Military Council of the State Defense Council “Majlis al-Shura” of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI) reported that over the past 10 days sabotage units of Mujahideen (Chechen fighters) and mobile compounds of Chechen troops have destroyed over 110 “polling stations” across the entire territory of CRI. In Jokhar alone 19 “polling stations” have been burned, blown up or destroyed.

This information was confirmed by the journalists as well. Radio Liberty reported that 12 polling stations have been destroyed in Grozny over the past seven days. At least 30 pro-Moscow policemen have been killed or wounded over the same period.

Fierce clashes have been occurring between the invaders? formations and groups of collaborators all across Chechnya virtually on a daily basis. Fierce combat near Alleroi went on for three days. Wednesday evening October 1, units of the Mujahideen left the combat zone after accomplishing their mission to block and defeat a detachment of the invaders heading towards Alleroi to conduct a “cleansing”. The Chechen Command reported that up to 30 enemy soldiers were killed during the three days of combats. Four Chechen Mujahideen became “Shaheeds” (martyrs).

Early Tuesday morning a firefight took place between a group of Mujahideen and collaborators. The Chechen Command reported that two Mujahideen became martyrs in that combat. On Kadyrov?s side four national traitors were killed.

The situation is even tenser in southern regions of the country. Units of the Mujahideen are operating openly and daringly. In Nozhai-Yurt and Vedeno Districts groups of puppet policemen were recently disarmed in 19 towns and villages. So-called “polling stations” were destroyed in 47 towns and villages. Combat clashes take place in these areas of CRI (Chechen Republic of Ichkeria) virtually on a daily basis.

In Shatoi, Itum-Kala and Sharoi Districts of Ichkeria the Mujahideen have engaged in combats with the invaders dozens of times over the past few days. Daily acts of sabotage are carried out in Urus-Martan, Gudermes, Shelkovo, Naur and Achkhoi-Martan Districts of CRI.

Chechen capital Jokhar has become almost depopulated. Thousands of citizens are going to Ingushetia, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria and to Chechnya’s rural districts in order to spend the October 5 there [until the so-called “elections” are over].

Published Tuesday, October 7th, 2003 - 08:05pm GMT

Courtesy of the Kavkaz Centre.

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