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November Realities and Judicial Orgies

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Don Nash

The upcoming presidential election in November 2004 will effect every man, woman, and child on the planet. Considering all that is at stake, every person on the globe should probably have the right to vote in America’s election. Maybe we could get Kofi Annan to bring this up at the United Nations. George Bush and John Kerry will be adamantly opposed to such a plan.

If George Bush wins in November, Iran will have to get ready for a preemptive war. As will Syria, North Korea, and possibly China. The United States Congress has already issued a not so veiled warning to the Chinese about going “preemptive” on Taiwan. The United States Congress has already given George Bush the green light for preemptions on Iran and Syria.

Preemptions here and preemptions there and every damn nation with an attitude wants to go preemptive on some other nation. I’m of the opinion that there is just too much preemption going on for the good of the world. Russia has issued the preemption decree and now, Japan has taken the preemptive idea under advisement. China has always maintained the preemptive possibility on Taiwan as the Chinese figure that Taiwan is theirs and they’re not going to share with anybody. Cripes George, see what you started?

If John Kerry wins in November, there will not be much change from what the world gets now from Bush. Kerry wants more troops in Iraq and Kerry isn’t too keen on doing anything except what the government of Israel wants Kerry to do, should he win the election.

Now, stay with me for a moment as I’m going to make an existential leap of literary logic. The world’s current plague of preemptive war and threats of preemption coming from multiple and sundry diplomatic sources, can be traced in a direct lineage to Antonin Scalia of the supremely judicial United States Supreme Court. It was if you will remember, the U.S. Supreme Court that harnessed George Bush to the world compliments of the 2000 election. Scalia is the de facto head of the court. Now, as was reported in The Guardian by Oliver Burkeman dated October 1, 2004, Scalia gave a speech at Harvard University and in a question and answer session, Scalia stated, “I even take the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged.” Mr. Burkeman leaves out numerous pertinent details of why Scalia made this suspicious remark but, the quote seems to be accurate and is categorically, just plain crazy. Ergo, Scalia in his supremely judicial position as the de facto head of the U.S. Supreme Court and being suspect of having lost his mind and in conjunction with the already established harnessing of George Bush to the world, which was really crazy, the causal effects of having crazy George Bush placed in the position of leader of the free world by the insane Scalia, I think the case could be made at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, that both men are loony and should be placed in psychiatric care until the world can figure out a way to clean up the mess that has been made by these two madmen. The assorted cronies that are in service to Bush should just be sent straight to prison on general principles. Granted, this is a stretch but it is a reasoned stretch. Back to the serious part.

Bush, Kerry, Blair, Sharon, and at least half of the current leaders comprising the E.U., are the best that the nations of the free world can offer in the way of leadership. I think that is unacceptable and it sucks. I had been somewhat surprised at the speech that was given by Barack Obama at the Democratic Convention last July. Obama gave the impression that here was something new and different and quite possibly, a reason to hope for the future. Obama gave an interview to the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune that was published on September 26, 2004. Sadly, Obama stated, “the big question is going to be if Iran is resistant to...pressures,...and economic sanctions, if they (Iran) do not cooperate, at what point are we going to...take military action?” Obama believes that bombing is the answer to Iran’s desire to join the atomic nations. Iran has already signed the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty and the I.A.E.A. has categorically stated that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weaponry. Doesn’t matter what the Bush administration has to say about “intelligence” and Iran...the intelligence will be pure nonsense. Remember the “intelligence” and Iraq?

I will pose a question to the “leaders” of the world, can’t you come up with any better solutions than bombing? Holy guacamole, it won’t be too long and there won’t be anyone left to bomb. Putting the track record on the table with regards to the current round of bombings that are happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other ‘hot spot’ on the globe, our governments are killing more innocent women and children than they are killing “enemies and insurgents and terrorists”. What are the nations paying these leaders the big bucks for? Bombing? That kind of carnage can be had for a whole lot less money than what is being spent now. How about if our leaders sit down and have a nice chat with the so-called Muslim “extremists”. That would be too special and would absolutely have to be recorded on video tape to be preserved for posterity.

The nations of the free west have been killing the Muslim people for a little over one hundred years in our current scheme of Middle Eastern atrocity so, is it any wonder that the Muslim world is angry with the west? The United States supports Israel without reservation and without limits. The U.S. offers the Palestinian people nothing. There was that Road Map to Peace but, that turned into another excuse for Ariel Sharon to take more of the West Bank and add some additional footage to the apartheid wall. There was also an unsupportable amount of killing of the Palestinians but, George Bush figures that Ariel is just being Ariel.

The November election 2004 is one large and pending mystery. In a pressing and circular survey of the leadership horizon, it is barren and empty of promising contenders for the mantle of free world leadership. George Bush isn’t worthy, John Kerry is one sorry alternative, Tony Blair has worlds of mounting trouble and a possible impeachment proceeding hanging over his head, Barack Obama turns out is just another Kerry only much younger and an even more biting disappointment as he had everyone fooled at the convention. Maybe we should all go and see if the Dalai Llama is available.

Published Saturday, October 2nd, 2004 - 04:35am GMT
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