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Palestine Discovers Israel in Need of Heart Replacement Surgery

Genevieve Cora Fraser
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Heart surgery

Would have saved her

A Palestinian woman denied

Entry into the land

Of the Pharaohs Egypt

By Israel the land of Death

Decrees issued summarily

As a god among themselves

A Self-worshipping

Power to destroy

All that is within their grasp

Instead she died

As so many Palestinian

Mothers die at checkpoints

Giving birth to Arab life

Condemned to death

By Zionist forces

Hell bent on destroying

All that is not of so-called

Jewish origin ancient buildings

600 year old archeological

Testaments of Arab survival

In Hebron bulldozed

Into oblivion for a road

To Kiryat Arba

An illegal Israeli Settlement

Nouveau entrails

Of Jewish Messianic fervor

For real estate

Predictable pedestrian

Replacements prophesy Greatness

As they obliterate

Grandeur of a past

They pretend to

But know

Preciously little about

Harsh unforgiving

Settlements created

To house the harsh unforgiving

New heirs

To the kingdom

As Israeli tanks tear up

Palestine digging up

Holy Land streets

Randomly firing at people?s

Heads and hearts

Demolishing shops and homes

Demonstrating at every opportunity

Their unfitness to rule themselves

Let alone the Middle Eastern world

They claim as Abraham?s seed

Though lacking the bloodlines

Israel crushes Semite hearts

In a mortar and pestle

Made of Zionist stone

Found in the heart

Of Israel

Aside from being a poet, playwright and journalist, Genevieve Cora Fraser is an environmental and human rights activist of long-standing.
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