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Palestinian Endurance

Genevieve Cora Fraser
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In your fortress study

Defender of the right to return


Mind set in a People’s

Right to return

Whole as a nation

Possessed of self



You sift through the wreckage

Of unrestrained assault

On cherished lives

Struggling to live free

From the henchman’s

Visit to their soul


You sift through the lost

Garden of memory

Dusty with time’s

Passage through pain

Reigns of tyrants

Visions of prophets’

Dreams of a nation

Yet to be


Please know I am with you

As your pulse races forward

And heart beats defiance

As your sun browned hand

Reaches to hold

My hand extends

To touch your soul

With light and love


I am with you in joy

In fear in sorrow

In the courage to confront

Your oppressor

Through survival

Breathing love’s protection


I whisper

Hold on

As the dark moments linger

Waiting in pain

In longing for peace

I offer you hope

In the calm

Before the storm

In addition to being a poet, playwright and journalist, Genevieve Cora Fraser is an environmental and human rights activist of long-standing.
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